Mining & Analysis Solution

We’re really good at making vast amounts of data make sense.
We Are Data Experts.

Infinitis is a team of incredibly talented engineers and data scientists.

Our Work

Our Approach

Confidential Projects

Everything we do is confidential. Even our name is. That means you won’t see customer logos all over our website but you can read about our capabilities (the ones we can talk about). If you’re intrigued and want to see more, give us a call.

Global Coverage

We’ve been mining the web for over a decade. Naturally, we’re really good at making vast amounts of data make sense. And we don’t just speak English. Our travels around the world wide web made us learn every modern language that’s out there.

Dynamic Visualizations

Who says looking at data has to be boring? We think not. Actually, we think it should be like the movies. Big screens. Moving charts and graphs. Yeah, we have all that. One day we even hope to add voice. Just imagine: Speaking commands to the web.

Deep Analysis

Some data lives on the surface on the web. That’s easy to get. But to get a more complete data set, you’ve got to go deep. That’s what we do really well. In fact, we’re so good at it that we’ve won multiple government contracts again and again.

Customer Success

When you win, we win. Our business succeeds by doing great work, getting real results, and referrals from our clients. While our customer list isn't for tweeting, we do provide solid reference clients upon request (you'll be impressed).

Total Control

Public cloud, private cloud, or underground bunker? We take in data from everywhere and can store it anywhere. Our clients have deployed our software as a service, as an enterprise solution, and even in a shipping container server underwater.

We're not the only ones excited about Infinitis...

Over 500 customers in 13 countries use Infinitis Data Solutions